24 October 2007

Fun 'n' games

My news to the world: I have joined the ranks of the two-wheeled!

Kellie finally did something rather rash and let me get a motorcycle. I was hopeing to have a couple of pics to post, but I guess those will come later. She's a fun little thing. Red curves, big headlights, and weighing in at a tad over 400 lbs dry, she got an engine that will go - 650cc, but she's tame enough for a beginer like me.

You know you're a dad when you start singing Baby Einstein songs while riding your bike on the way to a church meeting. "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocketship/Flying through the skies/Little Einsteins..." I had to shake my head and laugh at myself.

One of the wonderful things about riding the bike, especially in the early mornings, before traffic builds, is the opportunity to think. I don't have an iPod or any other way of listening to music or the radio while riding. No one to talk to but myself. All I hear is the roar of the motor and the hiss of the brakes. Freedom.

One of the reasons that I love snowboarding is because of the sense of freedom I feel. I am master of my course. I can choose nearly any way down the mountain. Some of my potential paths are more dangerous, but I can choose. Riding my bike gives me a similar feeling. Although I am constrained by traffic, laws, and the road; I feel free. Perhaps it is the wind blowing in my face. Or possibly the fact that I can romp on the throttle and burst up to speed at will. I haven't come close to pushing the engine to its limit; I've only pushed my skill.

I love my job. I love my family. I enjoy my calling and all of my other activities. However, I need the time to shut off all of my other concerns and get away. Only one thing to concentrate on. I think every person needs that. Getting a bit too philosophical now. Can't wait to ride...

18 October 2007

Just in case

These are pictures of us just hanging out with the kids. The one on the left bottom is at the Grand Canyon when we were on the way back from Idaho in early May. Isaac was 6 or seven weeks old. Just in case someone didn't know our family status . . . We have two boys and a baby on the way. Ian is two years and almost one month old and loving life, until we say no of course. Most generally he is very cute and love to be tickled or have mom "practice & tune her guitar", which would be him. I turn him upside-down and tune with his toes before playing on his ribs and tummy. He also likes to "get you" which means that he says, "I'm a going to get you" & runs away. In the meantime you are supposed to chase him & tickle him until he says he's all done. Repeat a thousand times and you've got the game :). He loves to watch Super Why and Word World on PBS because he loves letters and trying to sound them out. Mom gets in trouble anytime she tries to cook or do dishes without the little guy and he "Loves" everything. We often have I love you wars. Isaac is almost seven months old and rolling all over the place. He can almost crawl but his little helmet head keeps digging into the ground & getting in the way. I think he'll get it down as soon as the helmet's off. He just started trying to mimic words a little. He usually babbles, "Bababa", but I've managed to get him to say, "Mamaaaamaaa". I don't think he knows it's me but he knows I like it & will say it when I come up to him sometimes! I promised Paul I'd work on Dada but I had to get that in there. The new baby is doing good so far. Up until last night I never really had cramps or discomfort around baby. I have been doing a lot last week & we were all sick so the time was up:). It's a very different pregnancy from the rest & I personally hope that means a girl! I love my boys & if this is a boy I'll love him, but I' respectfully requesting a girl- hopefully the paperwork gets through the golden gates in time :). Paul is enjoying his job & will be going to Texas for a couple days next week. He also has other news that I will let him post. I am doing really great and getting excited for the ultrasound on Halloween! We are tentatively due on June 3, but the date will be set after the ultrasound. Life is good & busy, but who would want it different? We love our family & the crazy days seem to get humorous & have great memories. I wouldn't trade them for the world!

09 October 2007

Future Missionaries

So Conference kinda scared me when they were talking about the MTC being a review & not a revelation. I personally don't know half of what the missionaries do & I'm responsible to teach my two boys and the baby on the way all of it?! I need to get studying. I know the Church is true but I'm horrible at dates & events. I'm usually the type that says, "Oh yeah! That's the story where that guy was in the whale & he learned . . ." Point being, I need to learn more of the Book smart rather than just the principle or else I'm not doing my job as a mother. Yikes! We'll be boosting up scripture study in our home!

Living in the world...

General Conference was a bust for me. The only talk that I remember anything significant from was the talk about "Good, Better, or Best." And I think that the only reason I remember that one so well is because I kept thinking about how many activities take me away from home.

It seems that there is no end to the many good activities that I can be involved in. Guess I need to balance them with time with the family.