07 April 2008


Finally. The day has come. I can declare the boys' play area complete! I finally finished off the mortar between the capstones and raked the sand evenly (if you're blind) around the play area.

So far the play area has only taken one major sunburn, a few blisters on the hands, and a little annoyance with Ian to complete. Somehow, it seems cheap compared to the hours that I am now required to put in pushing Ian and Isaac in their swings...Not that I don't enjoy pushing the boys. I love it when Isaac squawks at me whenever I pull him out, even if he's been in the swing for hours...asleep (see picture). I can't wait for Ian to pull on my hand and asked for me to go outside and push him the second I walk through the door.

Actually, I really do love spending time with the boys. And the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Still cool enough to want to spend time outside but warm enough to stay outside even when it gets dark. So what is there to complain about? Just a few long days at work. Nothing major.