16 May 2008

We're moving!- oh wait- Never mind!

Paul received this really random phone call from a recruiter in Houston that had 2 interviews for space systems jobs set up for him. He thought," What the heck, I might as well test the waters!" And both companies gave him job offers. We turned both down because we would have had to move before baby was born. Then, a week later, one of them said they'd wait until mid-June. So we took the job. Two weeks of going crazy later, we decided that the housing market wasn't making it worth the stress to take said job. Therefore, everyone has been on a roller coaster ride provided by the Tonks Family. But it is now official, we are staying in Tucson! Suddenly having to deal with just being a mom of three under three seems so much easier than what it would have been.

Paul's missile flew wonderfully at it's last test, I am still very pregnant but very relaxed all the sudden, and the boys are being boys. Isaac now walks around and says some words. He's even learning how to drink from a cup (ie: 5 t-shirts a day). Ian has days where he's a big boy & uses the toilet while other days he speaks Isaac's language. He says some pretty funny things now. While praying he said," Please bless that we'll be able to go outside to play, but with our shoes on." And another time he tried to coach me praying. But at least he gets what prayer is for!
We are happy to be where we are & that we get to enjoy the new baby without trying to move.