21 November 2007

It's that time...

Thanksgiving is upon us, nearly. I suppose that this is the season to think about what I'm grateful for, because I have been blessed with a dump truck full of 'em. Can you tell that I spend most of my free time naming Ian's cars and trucks?

The family is healthy, the bills are getting paid, work is actually interesting, challenging, and (maybe) constructive. Life keeps moving forward. Kellie and I were talking about how different life is and how far we've come. Kellie and I will have our third anniversary in December. Three years ago we were students, living in an apartment, and childless. Now we've been blessed with a good job, a beautiful house, and 2 1/3 children. Amazing how a few years changes life completely.

Three years ago today, I could never have imagined how different I would be. Life is a good teacher. I am grateful for the patience that Kellie shows me. Often I am immature, silly, and short-sighted. She seems to have endless patience and love to show the boys and me. She is the most wonderful person I know and without her, I would be lost in a desolate world.

Even though they may be pains at 3am, Ian and Isaac also help complete my world. I can't even picture life without them. Seems silly since Ian's only been around two years, and Isaac less than one. Holding them, cuddling on the couch, or even being tackled and tickled, makes me indescribably happy. What a wonderful life.

01 November 2007

Happy Halloween!

Isaac as a cute little dragon! This is our traditional 1st costume for our kids so we can compare them to each other's first Halloween.

Ian in his knight costume getting ready to slay the dragon. No, he didn't really hit him with a sword, we just know how to make it look like it without encouraging violence!

This is Baby 3 at 10 weeks. It is 1 inch long and has a heart rate of 179. The white line near the top is where my c-section was and because the baby isn't attached there we are safe & expect to have a great pregnancy!

Already, the baby's half formed appendages were wiggling all over the place. I have a feeling it's going to be an active one!

Paul's response to seeing the baby was, "Yup! It looks like an alien!" It's so true isn't it?
This is what Grandma looks like most of the time around the boys . . . Camera ready! :)

This Halloween we had some visitors: Grandma Tonks, Grandma Mary, & adopted Grandma Irene! We had a full & busy day that included our first look at baby #3, eating out for lunch and heading out to the Desert Museum. Ian was so tired after the museum that we only went to a few houses on the block before he couldn't walk anymore. Mommy had to carry him home. Isaac is teething something fierce & we were worried that he wouldn't make it but as soon as we put the costume on him he was happy & giggling! Ian helped give candy out to the Trick-or-Treaters after we got home & Isaac rolled around happy & only in a diaper & socks until bedtime! It was really fun to have a knight & a dragon! We can't wait until next year! Happy Halloween!