14 November 2008

We are alive- Promise!

This is Ian on Conference Sunday. He was licking the brown sugar muffin batter off the beater & eating Kix at the same time. I turn around to a cute little face as he says," Look at my Christmas tree, Mommy! Isn't it cool?!"
This is Isaac after he discovered our first apple on our apple tree. He came in the house eating an apple. We still don't know if he pulled it off or if it fell, either way he loved it & wouldn't let it go. It was an apple & he didn't have to beg for it- get real, Mom!

This is what happens when I put Mercedes on the floor to play with her toy: Isaac comes over to share the toy & then Ian decides that he doesn't want left out & joins. I was lucky to get this shot, usually they bolt!

Here is one of my all time faves of Mercedes! She's in her blessing dress (that I was blessed in as well) and couldn't be happier! We have some that show her face but this is too cute! My other all time fave will be in the next post- hopefully!

So, it has been quite a while since we've posted anything. What can I say, we're slackers! Ian is potty trained, Isaac is starting to talk more, & Mercedes is rolling around until she runs into something & cries. Ian is really getting into heros, badguys, "robotses", school, holidays, & growing way to big. I was taken aback by the fact I was buying boy clothes instead of toddler clothes for him. Isaac's into trying to take care of Mercedes, do dishes, and cook all by himself. Too bad for him I don't let him do any of that on his own. All he says all day is," Want help you" or "Want up". We will be formally begging Santa to give him his own kitchen to play with. He's only happy when he has a cell phone, formula container, or kitchen utensil of some sort. Merceded started making a very boy noise today that I can only describe as a deep & demanding scream that matches Isaac's. She's already been growling & biting her brothers when they start to "tackle" baby. She started that talent at 2 months old. So far the boys are the only ones to get a full out laugh from her. Mommy & Daddy can make her squeal, but that's it! We also learned to be careful what you wish for. Daddy got a 12hr stomach virus that took about 2 weeks to get through everybody. We complained and said that we should all get sick at the same time . . . well, we did! Right after the stomach bug finally left we all started to get a cold. A week and a half later it was 5 sinus infections, 3 ear infections, 2 pink eye outbreaks, & 1 crazy family left behind. The kids had the ear infections & Paul & I had pink eye. We're still trying to get rid of it & it's been 3 weeks! At least pink eye is gone! We are also very sad that we can't go to Idaho for Christmas. We were looking forward to it but will have to make the best of the situation & enjoy our time together as our own family. It looks like we will be joining the Jones's for Thanksgiving which means that Shiloh & I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for everybody- heaven help us! One oven and I have to travel 3 hrs to get there. It'll be a great memory & a great feast- we hope :). I'm hoping someone can tell me how to put music in with a post. I REALLY want to do somthing but I need the music also. Somebody school me! Until next time!