03 March 2008

Catch Up

So, it's been quite a while since we've let anyone know what's up with us. From youngest to oldest . . . baby three is supposed to be a girl and hopefully come by June 3rd. She is slightly like her eldest brother in being very active when she wants to be. Isaac can walk along or with things but still remains a little chicken about going it solo. He has also found a binky while Mommy was going through baby stuff & decided he likes it. If he finds one it stays in his mouth until the next mealtime or sippy cup intervention. Ian has taken to saying really cute things and a whole lot of complicated stories that make absolutely no sense. He is potty training & can't decide whether or not he wants another baby. Both boys are in a really fun part of development and we just get to laugh the whole time. Mommy is really noticing that she's pregnant & that she has a limited time left with just the boys. She also craves just about anything that she sees, hears of, or smells that she normally would like. She also has a shopping urge that she has mostly held back, but oddly comes with urges to listen to Creed or Collective Soul. An odd mix, I'd say. Daddy has been busy with the back yard, work, Scouts, and getting attacked by two restless little boys. We are pretty much just trying to finish the yard, stay ahead of the boys, & enjoy life while we're at it. Ain't life great?