28 February 2009

Barrels of . . . Rocks

I am currently taking a break from my backyard. We're getting grass and working hard to do all the prep work. I was raking all the rocks from where the grass is going to be & moved on to taking the hoe to the weeds. It's hot here in the desert of Tucson & so I decided to come in until Paul comes back with the new pins for the tiller. I managed to get a whole wheel barrow full of rocks. The plan is to get the ground tilled, re-tilled with soil mixed in, put in a water system, lay out the sod, & then put a trim around it. Later we will get the rocks for around the grass area, & even later a patio & gazebo! But at least for now we will be getting grass!

Paul & I are finally on the same page about finances after 4 yrs! We are excited & doing well! Ian says all sorts of crazy, silly things and likes to be a super hero. Isaac is breaking out the words and thinking he's in charge. He wants out of the booster seat, out of the car seat, move over Mom because he's going to cook, and don't even tell him he can't vacuum! Yesterday I spent the day cleaning Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning and Nutmeg out of the carpet, TV, couch, & a little bit of kitchen because he'd decided to cook while Mommy put Mercedes to bed. Amazing how five minutes leads to an hour of cleanup! Ian just watched his show while he did it and calmly told me that Isaac did a no-no & needed a timeout. Mercedes is all over the place! She crawls, walks as long an she's holding something, & knows how to climb up stairs. Sadly she doesn't realize that she can't do down well & our gate is having issues. She talks up a storm & knows how to put up a fight for a toy. She also hates getting her hair done. Ian loves to take care of her & play with her. He also asks when we're getting our next baby. He wants another Mercedes only bigger. I told him that we'd have to talk about it. Now he's got Isaac on his side and poor Daddy thinks that Mommy started it. Oh well! Well, Paul is back, so it's back to the grind . . . I'll do more next time & hopefully we'll have some great pictures!


Matt and Heidi said...

I photo tag you Kellie!! I hope you guys are doing well with all the landscaping :)

TrishAnderson said...

The landscaping turned out beautifully. I was very impressed when I saw it yesterday - the grass is soooooo soft! Great job. Kids will be kids. I have to agree with you on the five mintue thing. In a very short period of time this morning Bailey colored all over Brendon's face with a permanent marker - AAAGGGHH! Luckily Josh got it all off!